Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This just in from Arch Larizza in Melbourne, Australia:
"My old grade school pal, Rocco Fazzari is a cartoonist for The Sydney Morning Herald. He's been doing this for years but recently, has started doing clay animation and he asked me if I would like to contribute some music.

I did a little noodling on uke and bass which Rocco used for his 'Settling Old Scores' animation, here:

See Obama suck at bowling while playing the ukulele!

We'll be doing more stuff together - I'll stick to using ukulele and bass as they seem to be a good fit for these little clips - and will let you know as they're done."

Go there!

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Anonymous said...

Really Funny Uke is good, but I love the eyebrows! Ukester Brown

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