Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ukuleles Gone Viral?

Bumped into Michael DaSilva at the workshop at Bob Brozman's yesterday and he gave the word about this article from yesterday's LA Times on the impact that the internet has had on the ukulele's popularity.

Only two quibbles, first no mention of Ukulelia. (C'mon, we're "The World's Greatest Ukulele Weblog." Sez so, right up there on top of the page.) Secondly, the article states that "Internet has been stoking the craze for nearly two years." Well, check out the Archives Links at the bottom of the page. That'd be more like 8 years! (Thank you very much.)

What is cool is that the article ran in the Business Section. Which you could take as a sign of a slow news year, or the legitimacy and value of the ukulele economy. Link

(Thanks, Mike!)

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ronhale said...

Oh, please, Ukulele Underground cool-kids, don't blast Tiny Bubbles right out of the water, some of us un-cool old folks actually like it & Don (saw him twice in Waikiki, great fun, great guy). And anybody who thinks that playing The Gloved One on uke somehow is doing a favor for either the instrument or the uke world - immediately please extricate head from arse. Thank you.

Novelty exists in the uke world every time someone does a cover just to see what [fill in the brackets] would sound like on the ukulele. Why, every time someone plays Jacko on the uke, novelty reigns.

Those tuxes worn by UOGB seem to have desexed Kitty & Hester.

Once again, some idiot in the media puts an end to my no-J-word bliss (thankfully no mention of DM, though), & why in the everloving interwebs people insist on mentioning that future I'm a Celebrity-Get Me Out of Here non-entity, Molly Ringwald, as evidence of ukulele popularity is beyond being beyond me (I'll bet she plays MJ & giggles at how it sounds on uke).

Been hearing more & more about China & human rights, how about you, Mike?

And what would the world be like today if Jake had been filmed playing Why Don't We Do It In The Road? Be the biggest thing on Ukulele Underground, no doubt, in a special medley with the Jackson
5's greatest hits.

It must be that only the cognoscenti are into Ukulelia. Yes, that must be it. Makes me feel good, anyway.

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