Thursday, August 06, 2009

Eat, Love, Pray...Uke

Maybe this'll finally get my daughters interested in the uke. Looks like James Franco will be seen serenading Julia Roberts in their upcoming flick, Eat, Pray, Love. What's he playing? My best guess is an older Bushman Tenor.


Update: Woodshed points out that James is indeed playing a Bushman Tenor. Morover, it's Jen Kwok's Bushman Tenor. More on Jen here. (Thanks, Al!)


Woodshed said...

It is a Bushman Tenor. To be exact, it's Jen Kwok's Bushman tenor. She's going to be ukeleling in the film.

Gary said...

Woodshed, that's a great find. How'd you know?

(And aren't you supposed to be "on holiday"? Go away and let us achieve world ukulele blog domination for at least a couple of days. Honestly)


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