Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ukers Invade Moose Lodge

Okay, all you Oddfellows, Shriners, Rotarians, Elks, Lions, Knights of Columbus and Knights of Pythias out there. Get with the program! Link


ronhale said...

Well, I must be one of the especially thick few (yes,I know) who weren't playing songs within our first hour of hacking away at a uke. So humiliating.

Question: Saxophones come in different sizes (7" to 7'), in different sound designations (soprano, alto, tenor, bari, etc), & the ukulele does, too, up to a point. Why in the world does the uke world use the term "concert?" It gives absolutely no information (unless you already know what a concert uke is) & confuses beginners, who quite naturally associate "concert" with well, a concert, for crying out loud (I know I did,& almost bought one on that basis). You don't see a concert sax, so why a concert uke?
Why not an alto uke (whether the sound is actually alto, of course, I have no idea, it's just the principle)?

Gary said...

Ron, and excellent question. Let's use a lifeline and ask an expert!

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