Wednesday, October 21, 2009

every Beatles song to be performed on ukulele in Brooklyn - BrooklynVegan

Roger and Dave are at it again. This time around their Beatles Complete on Ukulele Festival will be for the benefit of Yoko Ono. The festival promises 16 hours, 185 songs, 60 singers, 40 musicians, and 16 Yokos. (If Mrs. Lennon appears herself, what kind of uke would she play? A Maccaferri, natch.)

December 5th and 6th, 2009. Be there, or be Sutcliffe.



ronhale said...

Commentary from a meat-eater in California's Wine Country --

Recommend the 1/2 lb Wagyu "Kobe"
burger at Uva Trattoria Italiana
in Napa. Music? Live jazz 5 nights a week...

And Gary, I like the Beatles as much as the next ukulele player (bought the LPs when they came out), but aren't you being just a wee bit harsh on those who either can't or choose not to make it to (yet another) Beatles Complete festival (yawn)? Be there or die from a cerebral hemorrhage? A better reference would have been to Pete Best, one-time but not-quite-really Beatle. I must be misinterpreting.

Which brings up the issue of why so much Beatles at the expense of everyone else. They're Here, There, & Everywhere, for crying out loud. They've certainly been important In My Life. I Don't Want to Spoil the Party (so I'll go) but in this 'umble uker's (sorry, Jeff) opinion, the Beatles Bloc has been allowed far too much influence & prominence in the uke world. I didn't think anyone could make the Mop-Tops tiresome, but this crowd manages it.

Gary said...

Hmm, Ron. Maybe Pete Best would have been the better choice. If I get the chance, I'll change it.

Have to admit, I have a soft spot when it comes to the Beatles. Mostly, I just like the scale and ambitiousness of Roger and Dave's project.

We'll have to grab one of those Kobe burgers someday...



Anonymous said...

I like Maccaferri ukuleles. I don't think they'd make the right sqreachtch sound for Yoko. Ukester Brown

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