Friday, October 02, 2009

The French Connection

Lionel Hubert, the organizer for the Paris Uke Fest, and Antoine Ladoue, percussionist extraordinaire, comprise the duo U.K.E. Their mini-tour of the east coast of the United States starts October 8th in Brooklyn, NY:
"The annual Paris Uke Fest has showcased an international array of ukulele superstars—including some of Brooklyn’s most talented players of this 4-stringed little instrument. On October 8, the Paris Uke Fest in Brooklyn will feature performances by local and international ukulele stars (coming from as close as Park Slope and as far as Australia!), Paris Uke Fest alums, French-themed music, and a special appearance by Paris Uke Fest founder Lionel Hubert with his experimental duo U.K.E. Hosted by the incomparable Sweet Soubrette at the charmingest venue in Brooklyn, Red Hook’s Jalopy Theatre. Comme c’est magnifique!"

On October 13th the lucky duo will travel to Boston to be part of a very special Ukulele Noir: (link)

and then off to Cape Cod, Orleans to be precise:
"On Thursday Oct 15th (just after your Noir!), Lionel and Antoine will perform on the Cape at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans at 7:00. Tim Sweeney will open for them."

oops! forgot one:


C.O.U.L.E said...

I saw their first gig in Paris!!

By the way, you can find a great article about the U.K.E duet with videos and other stuff on

ronhale said...

Psychic Hamster just sent me an email
to the effect the new CD is shipping now, but it doesn't show on their website to order. Just sent them an email asking for clarification.

ronhale said...

Order placed.

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