Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Original Warren Buffett Autographed DQ Ukulele Up for Auction

If you missed your chance to buy the Dairy Queen Ukulele the first time around, get out your checkbook.

The first and original Warren Buffett DQ Uke designed by me and lovingly crafted by luthier extraordinaire Dave Talsma is up for auction.

As you may recall, the Dairy Queen Ukulele was auctioned off to benefit the Children's Miracle Network, and was purchased by the online casino for over $11,000.

(About a month after the auction, I got a call from Mr. B's assistant. He liked the uke so much he asked if we'd make him one to keep. That second--and last--version is now in his personal collection.)

Don't be fooled by the kitschy appearance. This is fine instrument and an outstanding player in the true Talsma fashion. I'm tempted to bid on it myself.

(In case you're curious, the autograph reads "Warren Five Fingers Buffett".)

Absentee bidding in open now. Live auction on November 7, 2009. Link


Gerald Ross said...

So, I'm assuming that Warren is keeping the CD of Dairy Queen songs I recorded for him?

Gary said...

I'm sure he did, and has transferred the tunes to his iPod.


Unknown said...
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