Friday, November 20, 2009

Cigar Box Ukulele Kit

Ukulelia founder and Boing Boing editor Mark Frauenfelder blogs about a cigar box ukulele kit he received from Papa's Boxes. Sez he plans to work on it over Thanksgiving. Link


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna work on one too, only mine is a neck/finger board assembly with tuners and a nut, saddle and bridge from Mainland ukes. I collected my own box and it should cost me about $60 total. When I finish I will put a video on my "ukesterbrown" YouTube channel. -- Ukester Brown

Gary said...

And drop us a note when you do so we can point to it! Have fun.

Stephen said...

I just finished a concert size Papa's cigar box ukulele. It turned out nice. I went for the zither pin tuners because I think they look cool. I also installed a pickup.

Custom research paper said...

Wow! Cool. A ukulele with no cost at all.

Thanks for the creativity. I make this one out.

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