Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Formby?

Here's an odd George Formby album cover from the 1970's that makes George look alive, well, and about 40 years younger than he would have been at the time. (He died in 1961.)

What is this? Some creepy cut and paste job, or a colorized photo of George in garb that coincidentally returned to style in the '70s? Or is Georgie now a babe in a cradle with his little ukulele in his hands a la Benjamin Button. Creepy. Link

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Ron Hale said...

Oh, for the days of yore when you didn't even need to turn the album over to see what songs were on it. They just don't make them like that any more, do they. A quick trip to Amazon shows that this cover is pretty low-key for a Formby album, the more garish ones being really evocative & having a definite retro appeal to them.

I was surprised to see them selling The George Formby Song Book, as I'd never seen it before or been aware that it existed. Twenty-two songs, including Auntie Maggie's Recipe, which Ian Whitcomb sings in the most recent Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys show at clubcicada.com, for anyone who really must hear a contemporary performance of a GF tune. Count me in...

And speaking of retro appeal, how does a new series, ala the great old guitar one, of 101 Ukuleles sound?
101 Ukuleles Get The Blues
101 Ukuleles Go South of the Border
101 Ukuleles Play Your Favorite Waltzes
101 Ukuleles Get Romantic
101 Ukuleles Take You To The Movies
Consider the possibilities...

All with the songs listed on the front, of course.

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