Friday, December 04, 2009

Behold, the Ukeyola!

I read in an article today about Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer's instrument collection; specifically, that they own a Bob McCluskie Ukeyola. (One of only two in the world!)

It's a viola scale and bodied ukulele made by renowned violin maker Robert McCluskie, senior luthier at the Potter Violin Company. It reminds me of the fretless ukulele that my friend Tuba made out of violin back in our Ringling days.

Check out Cathy and Marcy's other instruments, too, including a sweet Talsma ukulele modeled after the Martin MC3H Marcy Marxer Signature Model Guitar.



Unknown said...

aww man! I'd been thinking about getting one of those violin making kits and a uke kit and making something like this. I didn't know one already existed.

Ron Hale said...

Watch Marcy on Youtube -

Cello Banjo Blues

Guitar Boogie on Cigar Box Guitar

Anonymous said...

"Ringling days"..... Isn't it rich, ..... me at home in mid-air..... never mind with the clowns :) (or were you a shoveler?) Ukester Brown

Gary said...

I was a clown. Only one step up from a "shoveler".

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