Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ukulele Lad is Internet Hit

I have tried to avoid blogging this video, but I now compelled to say that if this ends up getting more hits than Jake's Central Park While My Guitar Gently Weeps video, I'm just gonna give up.

Truth be told. This keiki's version of Jason Mraz's I'm Yours doesn't really showcase his talent. Watch him get his full Shimabukuro on this video of Gently Weeps.

If more ukes end up under the Christmas tree this year, I think we can all thank this little guy.



Your driver said...

The kid is a genius. I'm getting tired of non uke loving friends sending me links to Jake's video of 'Gently Weeps'. I'm still getting at least one a week. This boy is a welcome break, and yes, I've already been sent one link to him.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the best cover of Mraz....He is cute. Undeniably a kid that is full of wiggles and squirms. Let's hope he can grow up loving the ukulele.
Ukester Brown

Ron Hale said...

Absolutely stunnered. Two of the most exciting uke videos I've ever seen.
The future of the instrument is assured. Jake had better watch out or he'll be this lad's supporting act one day.

And speaking of Jake, you can watch him get his full Shimabukuro on at the Napa Valley Opera House, Friday, March 19.

Woodshed said...

I realise I'm alone in this, but I hate this bloody video.

Gary said...

Woodshed, you are not alone. I was unimpressed with the Mraz video, but had to admit that he shows real promise on Gently Weeps.

Tim said...

I love watching him. He's having so much fun! Totally caught up in the music. He will go far.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jon. I get tired of hearing about Jake a lot. This kid makes it more fun.

Ron Hale said...

I'm Yours has over 6 million views.

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