Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Okay, so much for the conceit that only nice people play the ukulele. Here's a story about Shinichi Tekehara, mayor of Akune (Japan) who is blaming modern medicine for failing to "prune" the weak from society. Charming fellow. Link


Ron Hale said...

People seem to be talking more about such things as eugenics and infanticide (giving parents of "defective" offspring a
window in which to terminate life legally). This man had no qualms about singing his views in public, and nothing near a firestorm resulted, so the idea is not taboo, just frowned upon.
Some otherwise very erudite, cultured, and polite persons can harbor some very dark notions, and
be viewed as nice by society.

There is, of course, an underside of racist, supremacist music out there, and there's nothing to prevent such types from using the ukulele's current cachet to help spread their beliefs (and maybe they already are).

John said...

I wish we could "prune" people like this mayor out of society.

Unknown said...
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