Thursday, January 28, 2010


Stefana Fratila has a wonderful take on being a singer/songwriter:"...if one day I get paid for being me, I'll buy myself a harpsichord! retire to the hills! read kipling & eat my grandpa's fallen plums all afternoon!"

Stefana Fratila- Vista Voyager from small fists! on Vimeo.



Ron Hale said...

What's the matter with her, doesn't she realize she's not supposed to
read that colonialist, imperialist
pig? Why, it's been so decreed by
those possessed of the proper politics and morality. Now personally, any man
faced with an ultimatum by the nagging Maggie, of choosing between said nag and a cigar, who would opt sensibly for the smoke, is OK by me, and deserving of literary immortality. But that's just hopelessly incorrect me...

Anonymous said...

I think she may have had something different in mind when she said Kipling.

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