Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pete Howlett Ukuleles

Pete Howlett
is the luthier behind Pete Howlett Ukuleles in Wales. He builds everything from acoustic ukuleles to solid bodies to kits. Plus he has a series of instructional videos on YouTube that are very generous.

From his website; “I build ukulele from the finest woods available. Acoustic or electric, the 450 I have built to date are played throughout the world by professionals, collectors and amateurs alike.

If you commission an instrument from me you will get a 'keeper' that you will be able to hand down to your posterity.”

I have a soprano ukulele that Pete made for me last year. It's mahogany and truly lovely to look at. It's called the "Le Noir".

But how does it play and sound? Glad you asked. Warm and lively at the same time. It sounds like a mahogany ukulele should sound. Just enough sustain to hold together complex chords and enough chop to hold a rhythm in place. It is, without a doubt, one of my "go to" ukuleles.
This ukulele also records well. It has a wonderful vintage vibe but is new and sturdy and I feel comfortable taking it on stage with me anywhere and not worrying about it.
This is what you want from a ukulele, right? From any musical instrument, right?
Here's his website. Talk to Pete.
This is a video of me playing it and covering a Dan Bern song:

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