Wednesday, January 27, 2010

trois voix et trois tempéraments

The nice thing, of course, about this "ukulele renaissance" is that the ukulele is finding its way into good musical groups as just another instrument with its own unique sound to add to the sonic mix.

A perfect example of this is the French trio "Les Poupees Gonflees". Valerie Charlot handles the ukulele in the group, but you can also hear them with guitars, accordion, concertina and, natch, three lovely vocals.

Valerie, Bebop and Titi.

The songs are bouncy, melodic and...uh...why don't you just listen for yourself:



Ron Hale said...

And what doesn't sound better in French? Nothing, as far as I can tell.

A good example of this is the video-

La premiere fois
from: math112233

Tryo and the Ogres of Barback.
No ukes, but only a very, very, small price to pay. Try it.

Anonymous said...

They could be singing about shoving over 40 year old bald-headed mustached American men in a wood chipper and I'd be 5th in line...... Ukester Brown

Craig said...

The song is called "Where is he?", Ukester, so it's possible...?

Anonymous said...

That's what I get for not knowing French! haha Ukester Brown

valérie said...

Hi boys! glad to read your comments...sure, in french it's very houlala! more songs with uke in our Myspace: friendly Valérie (Les Poupées Gonflées)

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