Thursday, March 11, 2010

Der Humpink

Might this spell doom for the vaunted 3rd Wave of the ukulele? I shudder to think. You may never look at your ukulele the same way again.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the autoharp..... No attention at all since the movie "Mighty Wind"... That and a german wouldn't humpick a glockenspiel. Ukester Brown

PotofBasil said...

Johnny come lately, Gary. I've
been humpink mit meine Flea for
as long as I've had it. And as far as
I'm concerned there are just two types of
ukers - those who admit their humpink and those who don't. Gary?
Loud and proud or still in the ukulele closet?

Gary said...

LOL PotofBasil. I'll admit nothing other than I'm closer to my ukulele than my family feels comfortable about. Which ain't sayin' much. Heh.

Gary said...

Oh, and in case you care, the video is also an homage to this gem:

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