Thursday, March 25, 2010

James Hill and Dan Scanlan

Oh, to play this well and have friends like these. Well, at least I do have friends like these. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I think it's the beards and the man I work for says no sir to that..... Ukester Brown

PotofBasil said...

I did enjoy, Gary. Mahalo.
But what's with "That's so ukulele?"
Is this new, or has living in an
old fallout shelter kept me behind the times?

Gary said...

PotofBasil, it's not living in the old fallout shelter, I suspect. It's eating the Eisenhower-era CD saltine crackers and peanut butter that did it.

And which does James resemble more: Lenin or Trotsky? I'm undecided.

PotofBasil said...

Hey, I liked Ike. I'll go with
Vladimir, much better name than
Leon (Leon the Impaler, nope). Although as far as Russian
looks go, neither compares to that of
Rasputin. Or for that matter the first Russian I can recall, Nicky the K. Now there was a Russkie to
strike fear deep into the heart of Micky Mouse. And what he could do
with a shoe...

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