Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beatles Complete on Ukulele: A Benefit for EMI during SXSW

Roger and Dave are at it again. This time at SXSW to benefit EMI. Who says You Can't Do That? Link


Anonymous said...

Check out the absolutely wonderful photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono at the link! Yoko's 77, which means that she's old enough for her father (a diplomat for the Emperor of Japan in the years leading up to WWII) to have been posted via cruise ship instead of airplane. Wonder if the photo was taken on a trip from Japan via Hawaii to her father's posting at one time in San Francisco. (And does that tiny 'uke make Kala's new "Pocket Uke" look like a baritone?)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what about that wonderful and historic photo of me and Pastsy Monteleone at the Brooklyn Bowl :P

Ted/Sonic Uke

Gary said...

Maybe Jim Beloff need to do a special Plastic Ono Band edition of the Flea.

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