Monday, April 19, 2010

Craig Robertson's New CD

Yup. It's me. I always feel a little weird about self-promotion. I guess I shouldn't.
(the angel on one shoulder is saying "be polite, people will recognize what you do" while the devil on my other shoulder is saying "screw it, do it!"


My newest CD, Better Liar, will start shipping at the end of April (this month). You can PRE-ORDER a copy right now.

Mastered at Psychic Hamster Studios by Bill Sherman.
Additional vocals on by Amber Nash and Jordan Neff (from Shiny and the Spoon), Electric Guitar on "Dark Circles" by the Rev. Willie Deuel, Drum tracks and Bass guitar (where noted) by Arturo Larizza

Produced by Craig Robertson and Arturo Larizza

songs included are:

1. Only a Bird
2. Broken’s Spoken Here
3. Dark Circles
4. Metaphors
5. Rosa’s Song
6. Narcissa
7. The Scorpion Queen
(Z. Janzen 2009)
8. Never Understand
9. Undead
10. Pigeons and Hawks
11. Conjure Box
12. Better Liar

You can also click on a link on my website for the chords (most of them) and the lyrics to the songs.



Anonymous said...

"I always feel a little weird about self-promotion. I guess I shouldn't."

You're right, you shouldn't. It's a whole new music biz out there.

Congrats on the new release!

Mark Occhionero said...

OOOOHHHH I cannot wait to get mine.

El Kabong said...

This is pretty low-key self-promotion
and word has to get out somehow. I forwarded my Psychic Hamster notice to a favorite uke blogger and if he sends it along to others and they do the same, the spreading ripples should
ensure Better Liar a place on the charts. Which brings up the question, is there a uke chart, official or
unofficial anywhere, so we can see
how albums do? Or would the numbers be depressing? Very nice cover, too...

craig said...

thanks, El Kabong!

Ron Hale said...

I ordered it April 18, and I
haven't received it yet.

Ron Hale said...

Got mine today. Strikes me as the
mature work of someone who's been
there, done that, seen plenty, and
survived to tell the story. Deserves
to be heard far beyond the ukulele
world and I hope this happens.

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