Monday, April 05, 2010

Ukuleles Fight Tooth Decay

Who knew? This winsome young gal in Life Magazine in 1951. Link


Anonymous said...

Gerald Ross must agree with me on this one.... UB again

Gerald Ross said...

Look at the woman's right hand. Is it really her hand? I doubt it. Funny angle for a hand.

What does it mean?

Gary said...

Gerald, it's really creepy if you imagine that the guy's right arm.

The alternative explanation, of course, is that Ipana's "miracle" chemical composition caused calcium to leach out of her skeletal structure and into her teeth, thus rendering her hands abnormally pliable. Difficult to grasp objects, but a real advantage for executing the Formby Split Stroke.

PotofBasil said...

He's just using her to get to the
uke, Gary, and I think you know what
I mean (the H word).

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