Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jumping Flea or Champion?

Seattle-based Matt Dahlberg seems to have an identity crisis. He's either "The Jumping Flea" or "The Champion of the Ukulele." Either way, he's pretty darn good. Link


PotofBasil said...

Playing the instrument is his
strong point, Gary, not words. Jumping Flea, now where
did that come from? And Champion of the Ukulele? What, was Magnificent
Ukulele already taken? Ukulele of Doom being used by someone else?
Flaming Ukulele of Death not available?

In his favor, he uses his own name rather than some lame only-someone-playing-the-uke-would-ever-use name. You know, the plural names that individual ukers give themselves, or the supposedly clever non-name names like Griselda Ate the Sausage (although
the group-with-uke Eddie Ate Dynamite is good, but that's dynamite, not some obvious food). I know, I know, Bettina Slumpinsky does't have the same flair as Bettina Rules the Universe and Grinds All Male Chauvinist Pigs Into The Dirt Where They Belong

If he were really bold, he'd call himself simply, Matt, and dispense with the last name. There are ukers known by single names, of course, but none of them (that I know, anyway) gave themselves those monikers. Just got a notice the other day from Psychic Hampster
about Craig's (only name needed) upcoming album (time for a pre-order). Will the CD carry just the name Craig? No, but for Matt to force his way into the ranks of one-names by releasing CDs with
titles like Meet Matt, Matt's Second Album, would be a stroke of
naming genius, which, unfortuantely as I mentioned above, he does not possess.

Enough with names, Gary, time for me to use your space to promote.
I just stumbled upon an Italian group the other day called the Covers, who apparently do nothing other than cover Beatles songs in English. Their Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (mit uke) is
one of my favorite (who cares, I know) versions, sounding eerily like George himself doing it. Anyone interested should look at the video on Youtube (it's the featured video on the PotofBasil channel, which will always feature my favorite uke video(s) of the moment (yawn). Of course, the Covers is about as creative as Jumping Flea...

Anonymous said...

A rose by any other name couldn't play the uke like Matt does.... Ukester Brown (fake moniker I gave myself, but it is my only one.) Whoops, I just self promoted.

Anonymous said...

The translation of ukulele from Hawaiian to English is jumping flea. Uku meaning Flea and lele meaning jumping.

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