Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Great story about Jack Hall, who made things out of matchsticks (including a ukulele).Link Discuss(Thanks to Tony Hall, son of Jack Hall!)
Say "kia ora" to Tiki King's wicked line of high-quality Tiki-Leles. They're gorgeous. Link Discuss
Wow! Free PDF book of Christmas carols for the uke, compiled by Jerry Dallal. Link Discuss

Monday, November 26, 2001

Ukulele tablature for Christmas songs. Link Discuss
Gary Peare also turned me onto the American Memory Collections old sheet music archive. What a treasure trove! Link Discuss
Gary Peare pointed out this great site about the The Golden Gate Concert Company, which played Hawaiian music in the 1920s. Also, use the search feature on this site to find other wonderful uke ephemera. Link Discuss
Janet Klein is an extraordinary LA-based ukulele player and singer. Her backup band includes such luminaries as Ian Whitcomb and members of The Cheap Suit Serenaders. Her newly designed web site is loaded with good stuff. Check out the links section for good music sites you might otherwise overlook. Link Discuss(Thanks, Gary!)
Groovy picture of Nancy Sinatra playing the Kookalele. Link Discuss(Thanks, Gary!)
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