Thursday, August 04, 2005

Randall Wright's Bamboo Ukulele

I earlier posted about last Saturday's workshop at Mike DaSilva's (see post, below). In follow-up, I received a nice email from Jim Bradbury, a fellow attendee (who let me try out his short-scale Duane Heileman sopranino--more frets per inch than any other uke I've seen). Sez Jim:
"Here's a link to some
I took of Randall Wright's ukulele derring-do..."
A Word of Caution: do not try this with your 1890 Santos.

(And in the Small World Department, turns out Jim is married to our long-lost friend, Judith Bradbury, nee Johnson. A new friend and a re-union with an old one in one fell swoop. I gotta get out more often!)

(Thanks, Jim!)

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