Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Big ukes? No problem.

At a recent luncheon at the Noir Manor (more details in another post), Greg Hawkes and Tim Mann both tried out two superlative baritone ukuleles. The Vega Arthur Godfrey, belonging to Robert Wheeler, and the Martin Baritone, belonging to Greg. Both from approximately the same era, but both with much different tonal landscapes. Baritones are generally much quieter than sopranos, having more of a “guitar like” tone. However, the Godfrey was strung reentrant and the Martin with a low D. Both were tuned D G B E.
And, just to be confusing, Greg is pictured playing Robert's Vega Arthur Godfrey, and Tim is pictured playing Greg's Martin.

Greg, Robert, Arthur, Tim, Martin...a full house.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"a full house."

Wow, I'll say! But I'd also suggest there were four aces in this hand!

Save a seat for me next time.

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