Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh Donna

I ain’t gonna keep tellin’ you how cold it gets in Ukuleletown this time of year. But if it’s too cold for Robert to put the top down on his convertible, then it’s cold. Today, when he arrived for lunch, the top was up.

He brought beer from Vietnam (actually, the beer was from Joe’s, it was just imported from Vietnam) and only four ukuleles. But they were all humdingers. (no, that is not a new SUV from Japan)

top horizontal: circa 1924 C.F. Martin Employee's (Charlie Schafer) Maple back and sides -mystery top. (opinions vary on the top woods…from very good spruce to holly. It has almos no grain and is a custardy color) Everything a great soprano should be and have, plus it felt great.

Left vertical: Augustino LoPrinzi - koa - ebony back wedge – 2006
Loud and warm. Soundwise and playing wise the standout of the four. I was very impressed by the spot on intonation. (Donna LoPrinzi, Augustino’s daughter, makes the ukuleles now; while Augustino oversees and concentrates more on the guitars)

Middle vertical: circa 1950 - Kamaka - koa - white label - (and for the blind) pineapple shaped
That lovely small pineapple shape and flat neck profile, plus that funky twenties sound.

Right vertical : 20th Century C.F. Martin Employee's (Lester Davidson/Mike Longworth) Style 2 1/2 (I say "20th Century" because Lester started sometime before 1976 and Mike finished after 1990)
Buttery smooth sound and playability.
LoPrinzi Website

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