Friday, October 22, 2010

Cyndi Lauper, Uker?

Call me a pessamist, but this doesn't seem like it's going to turn out well:
"'I found a really sick ukulele in a novelty shop with a metal top,' she says, in her almost comically caustic Bronx-Sicilian drawl. 'I tuned it to a chord and played it with a knife like the old guys did. I'm not fantastic – but I'm not fantastic at anything, except singing. And I don't really give a damn. I just love doing it. It's like the trombone. I make the dog jump when I play that.'"
Played it with a knife? Link


Craig said...

What an incredibly ditsy statement to make.

Anonymous said...

Except she's half Sicilian and not from the Bronx. She's born and raised in Queens.

Anonymous said...

yes, "played it with a knife." as in using a pocket knife as a slide.

playing a short-scaled, nylon-stringed instrument with a slide strikes me as pretty ditsy, but what do I know?

Dennis said...

Did they use medal strings when the slide was first started? It was in Hawaii were the medal slide started (at least that's what they say in Hawaii)and i think they used gut back then...

Anonymous said...

Played it with a slide. Go down the archive- she was probably inspired by Martin Mull. Ukester Brown

Anonymous said... Ukester Brown

Ron Hale said...

I'm confused, Gary. Ditsy is bad?
When did this happen? I love ditsy.
Cyndi with her knife slide playing with Victoria Jackson would be a night of uking for the ages.

And every now and again, the truly ditsy bless us with such wisdom as -

"When someone's boobs are in your face..."

Well, to finish the thought you'll just have to watch -

Bimbos in Bikinis by Victoria Jackson

Jeff thought it was a great line...

Bill Robertson said...

Aaron Keim plays an excellent slide uke. Check out his YouTube performance of "Take Me Back to Tulsa."

But I'm wondering. How can Cyndi not be sure the dog is jumping because it has fleas?

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