Saturday, October 16, 2010

Danny Ferrington Uke Update

Leslie was kind enough to add a comment on our earlier post about the Danny Ferrington ukes featured in this years Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog.

Turns out that Leslie commissioned Danny to make one of his gourd ukes for her husband (lucky man, he). She blogged about it today, and her post includes more info and photos of their construction.

Danny Ferrington is scheduled to appear on The Today Show on Tuesday, October 19th (we presume to showcase his ukes). If so, we'll try and post a clip. We're anxious to hear how they sound.

And just to be clear, we believe that a luthier has a right to obtain whatever price they can for their work. By all accounts, Danny is an amazing luthier. (Our beef was primarily with Needless Markup's hack copywriting job.) But I do hope in this case that Danny gets the lion's share of the $6,000 price tag. Link


craig said...

Danny Ferrington is known primarily for his association with Kramer Guitars. He designed a number of the 'vintage' models.
I don't know if I would go so far as to call Danny an "amazing luthier", but he does a real good job of self promotion.
And, let's face it, I don't care how rare the gourds are, or how much time he puts into them, approximately 70% of the 6 grand cost is the Ferrington name.
Is his name worth that much on an instrument?

Not to me.

Little Leslie said...

You got to play it or hear it to know it's worth the price. At least the price less Needless' markup!

Guy said...

If you haven't seen the book on Danny's guitars, you should get a copy. His work is fantastic. Don't just him by the Kramer guitars, as he has moved way past them.

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