Monday, October 18, 2010

Kala Clip On Tuner

Picked up one of these little gems this weekend. I'd been using an audio-based tuner for years, but when I recently started teaching workshops, I quickly learned how hard it is to tune in a roomful of ukers.

There is something wonderfully satisfying about seeing the tuner screen turn green when you're in tune. I regret not having gotten one sooner. Monkey simple to use, and works for both C- and D-tuning. Highly recommended! Link


craig said...

just remember not to leave it attached when you play.

'Ukulele Rob said...

Craig: There's a problem with going up on stage with a tuner, a capo, a kazoo, and a cupholder all attached to the headstock on your 'uke?

Anonymous said...

I love the clip ons. You guys that plug in probably have the in-line ones like geetahrs use. Ukester Brown

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