Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ferris Wheel by Shiny and the Spoon

This is the first full CD by the Cincinnati duo Shiny and the Spoon, Amber Nash and Jordan Neff.

Yahoo! ‘Bout time. The CD contains 13 songs, 11 of them originals. This is a very comfortable CD to listen to. The blend of Amber and Jordan’s voices makes any sugar in my coffee unnecessary.

The sound they achieve on this CD is probably somewhere in the Folk area…but it is by no means limited to just folk. Guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, slide, drums…all make their way into the various arrangements to good effect.

But it’s the vocals that kill on this CD. The vocals. The vocals. And the songwriting.

Here are a few that stuck in my head as I listened:

The fourth song, “Killing the Flowers” has a great lyrical arc and a nice bite

“Black Nag” is a cool story that drags you into itself

“Run” would be my hands-down favorite for a driving-cross-country-song.

“Thirteen Crates” does that down home boogie so well.

“Bread and Butter” Killer, killer harmonies.

How can I dislike a Malvina Reynolds song? “No Hole In My Head” is a lovely rendition of a song from a much overlooked songwriter.

For me, the true measure of a CD is if I hear a song that I would feel comfortable (sometimes even compelled) to cover. On this CD “I Hear Ghosts” is that song. “…their words are like wine I just can’t stop drinking…” Works for me.

Go buy this CD. Put down your mouse and do it now.

Shiny and the Spoon

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