Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Irritation is the mother of invention

One of the songs on my “Perfect Wife” CD came into being because of irksome neighbors. At the place I was living last year, the back yards butted up against the back yards of the houses on the next street over.

Every warm evening, the house diagonally behind ours would have a backyard party which usually consisted of lots of beer, kids and an over-the-top car stereo cranked flat out. The music they most often listened to was generally south of the border ballads with very heavy bass lines.

Very heavy. In my studio on the second floor I could see the windows vibrate from the bass.

I had the windows closed one day and I was trying to write a song for the Perfect Wife CD…but all I could hear, even with headphones on, was the the bom bom-bom ba of the bass from the car stereo in the other yard.

After getting frustrated by trying to ignore the sound…I finally just gave in and wrote a song using that bass line.

Voila: “Reassurance”

The CD "Perfect Wife"

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