Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pix from Uke Out at the Knock Out

Rev. Jon Pekele Kamalani Thysell attended last Friday's Uke Out in San Francisco and writes about it on his blog:
"The Uke Out at the Knock Out was great last night. First we ate accross the street at a little Japanese restaurant. The Knock Out turned out to not be a concert, but just a bar. It was a little crowded and hot in there, and they didn’t start until late, but the music was great.

The first guy, Cracker Jack Salteen, sounded a little awkward, but at least he acknowledged it. The best group had to be the Paper Dolls who went next. Those girls could sing, and definately took the attention of the crowd. They threw in some Prince and Boy George and it was great. Dimestore Dandy was good, he could sing and his songs were great. He even had a kazoo inside of a tin can around his neck. Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen were great too.

The end was great, as the Paper Dolls joined the Paddlemen onstage as the Sweaters, and they did some great doowop numbers. Check out the photo album."

Sorry I missed it! Link

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