Monday, November 21, 2005

Ford's Hawaiians: Jumpstarted!

Noah Pollaczek from the UCSB Cylinder Project (see posts below) writes:
"I noticed your recent blog post and, as audio technician responsible for digitizing all the recordings for the UCSB cylinder project, I went digging in the archives for the Ford Hawaiian cylinders. I transferred and cleaned them today, so they should now all be online for streaming or download- five of them if you do an author search for "Ford hawaiians".

Thanks for your interest in the project, and let me know if there are any other Hawaiian cylinders that you'd like to hear. (I'm currently on "Cylinder 5200 something", which is why these Hawaiian recordings in the Cylinder 5400 and 5500 call number area had yet to be transferred, so if there are other mid-five thousand call numbers you are interested in, I'd be happy to transfer those as well.) I also love these Hawaiian cylinders, and while the sound quality is a little variable- most of the 3000 series of the Edison Blue Amberols were directly dubbed from "Edison Diamond Discs", sometimes quite poorly- the song "Kaena" by Henry Kailimai I found particularly stunning.


Indeed! Aren't the Internets wonderful? Link (Thanks, Noah!)

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