Tuesday, September 26, 2006

5-Minute Guaranteed Ukulele Course

This fellow inherited his Grandmother's uke book, and to honor her sprit, has uploaded it to flickr. This is the method book that my mom and dad bought me to go with my plastic uke when I was about 6. Like most uke books from the late 50s until Jim Beloff began publishing his "Jumpin' Jim" collections in the late 90s, this book is filled with songs that no one wanted to sing--if they even knew the tunes in the first place. The author of this book apparently assumed that you knew the tune to "When You and I
Were Young, Maggie,"
since the lyrics are there, but the student is left to play the chords "by number." (35-Year Method is more like it! Subtitle: "Sweet, But Depressing Songs Loved by People Who Are Now Dead". It also has the quaint distiction of containing heartwarmingly un-PC ditties such as "Massa's in De Cold, Cold Ground" and "Old Black Joe.")

"Polly Wolly Doodle" was about the only song I recognized in the book, but I always wanted to be able to sing "The Bull Dog". And now, thanks to the free tubes of the internets, I can.

Still, I've kept my copy, and now you can have yours, too. Link

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