Saturday, March 03, 2007

William H. Macy on Oprah

This week, the Oprah Show re-ran an appearance by the stars of the new movie Wild Hogs, in which uke enthusiast (and occasional actor) William H. Macy played his Flea Ukulele and sang a song skewering his co-stars while being humbly honest about himself. According to the fine folks over on the Fleamarket Music Bulletin Board, the ditty was composed by none other than Jumpin' Jim Beloff hisself.

Will the uke's appearance lead to Oprah's Uke Club? No announcement has been made. In the meantime, we all wait in rapt anticipation. Link


Anonymous said...

I love this song - where can I get a copy of bill macy's rendition of the Wild Hoggs fun song?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea but I've too been looking for it.

Anonymous said...

I found it.

Ode to Wild Hogs - William H. Macy

C - 0003
F#m5 - 2020
G7 - 0212
D# - 0331
G# - x343
F - 2010
C7 - 0001

C F#m5 G7
If you're into motorcycles
C F#m5 G7
do what all the bikers do
C F#m5 G7
rent that movie Easy Rider
C F#m5 G7
Wild Hogs is not for you

D# G#
John Travolta isn't sexy
D# G#
Martin Lawrence isn't tough
D# G#
Mr. Allen isn't funny
D# F#m5 G7
only Macy's got the stuff

G7 (tremolo)
laugh if you like, but I look good on my bike

Oh I look mean in Wild Hogs
on my machine in Wild Hogs
F G7
Oh boy this boy can ride

I got it all together when
I'm all zipped up in leather then
F G7
I dunno, I just look good in hide

Johnny go back to school
Martin you're Big Momma's fool
F#m5 F#m5 G7
and Tim, you're just a tool

you think you got velocity
but i got felicity
F G7 C
i'm the only one that's cool
F#m5 F G7 C
i'll say it again, i'm the only one that's cool

Cathy said...

Girls always look on themselves as proud princesses, with the exception of a small number of either extremely ugly or exceedingly smart ones.

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