Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Dan

Yeah, so what are YOU doing? Dan Scanlan is doing this:

"If one wants a peaceful joyful world one needs to embody peace and joy. That’s why Dan offers a brilliant example to all of us. He tirelessly devotes himself to peace, keeps connections alive and a joke in his heart. Always willing to share his spirit with everyone he touches, love sustains him. Music, laughter and dance surround him.
Dan’s music mirrors his jovial personality. The lightness and ephemeral touch of the uke lifts our spirits to dance. His vocals energize us to go out and have fun making peace. Dan acts from his wonderfully generous heart. He produces music and shares. He doesn’t hold back."

Make a joyful noise.

check this out


Anonymous said...

Dan smokes dope.

John said...
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