Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Million Ukulele March

Stephen Becker invites other Barack Obama supporters to join the "Million Uke March":
"The Million Uke March is looking for 1,000,000 pickers and grinners, strummers and hummers (that's a small h) and ukaholics of all shapes, stripes and stars to raise your sopranos, concerts, tenors, pineapples, fleas, flukes, banjoleles, box-a-leles and yes, even those baritones, and show your support for an Obama victory in the 2008 Presidential election."
There's even an anthem!

I don't quite understand how all this works, but I'm sure you all will figure it out. Link

(BTW, if anyone knows of a McCain ukulele fan group, drop me a note. In the spirit of bi-partisanship, I'll blog it.)

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Anonymous said...

My Uke is a libertarian this year- Ukester Brown

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