Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shelley O'Brien: Uke Goddess of the North

Meet Shelley O'Brien, a Toronto-based, B.C.-raised ukulele player.
"She recently released an enchanting album of quirky pop music, You, Me and the Birds , and is currently in Europe carrying her custom-made 'uke' toward the Second Helsinki International Ukulele Festival (Aug. 21-23), where she'll be the lone Canadian representative."
I guess James Hill is otherwise engaged. And the second Helsinki festival. Cool! Link


ronhale said...

Hmmm...The uke in the photo looks suspiciously (different color not withstanding) like the decidedly non-custom one that I bang away at on a daily basis.

ronhale said...

Well, pinhead Globe & Mail posters notwithstanding (down-thumbed those idiots), she sounds perfectly good to me, & will be a wonderful rep.
And who can blame the Finns for wanting her at their festival....

shelley said...

thank-you ron. the photo is indeed my dear and hardy flea, not my beautiful custom 6 string by randolin in vermont...

and thank-you ukulelia ... uke goddess of the north....ha!

ronhale said...

KDUS posted a link today to photos from the 1st day of the festival.

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