Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vote for Janet Klein...and Ian Whitcomb

Janet Klein sez vote for her to return to Maxwell DeMille's Cicada Club in 2010. Ian Whitcomb is on the ballot, too, so click for 'em both!

As they say in Chicago: vote early, and vote often! Link


Anonymous said...

I voted for Miss Janet and Ian, but if you are not familiar with Richard Halpern's Hollywood Cavalcade check him out on YouTube. He is a singer of the fine oldies. I voted for him too. He puts together quite a show and I wish I could get out there to see any of them. Ukester Brown

ronhale said...

You can also see Richard's Hollywood Cavalcade show & his older Roaring Twenties Revue shows at the Broadcast Archive at clubcicada.com.
He returns to the Cicada Club with his second Hollywood Cavalcade show, all Al Jolson, Sunday, Nov. 22.

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