Friday, July 02, 2010

Fashion, Passion and Ukuleles

I’m halfway through my second cup of coffee at Lil’s Diner and Louie walks in.

“You’re up awfully early.” I comment as he sits down on the chrome-and-red-leather barstool next to me.
He just grunts as Lil pours him a cup of coffee. I don’t say nothin’, cause Louie generally will talk when he talks, and won’t when he won’t.

Finally, after a couple of sips of the black coffee, Louie says, “How come you always dress nice when you perform? Dames?”
“Naw” I say, “ I guess it’s part of the persona. Every performer, sooner or later, inhabits a stage persona.”
“But,” Louie points out, nodding at my attire, “You seem to dress that way all the time…?”

My turn to grunt. “Yeah, well, my stage persona isn’t too far removed from my real persona.” I grin and continue, “…so who’s playin’ at the Bar an’ Grill tonight?”

Louie leans in and says, “The Anything Goes Orchestra from across the Big Puddle.”

“Never heard of them” I say.“Well, you should have, they cover one of your songs on their new CD ‘Don’t Wait’” He sips, “cool band, you should come and hear them…”

“…don’t wait.”

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