Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ukulelia Michigania

Nice little podcast from Michigan (Public) Radio on the uke scene in the Water Wonderland. Maybe some old auto plants should be retooled for uke production... Link


Ron Hale said...

So what do you think of Kala's ukadelic line, Gary? There's a uke with an island scene that I'm partial to. And the Mahalo yellow happy face uke with two soundholes for eyes is an instant classic.

Gary said...

Haven't seen them yet, Ron. Can you point us to them?

Ron Hale said...

Aldrine was at NAMM, Gary, covering just about everything ukulele. Try -

Namm 2011 - Kala Ukulele


Namm 2011 - Mahalo Ukuleles

both from ukuleleunderground

Dave Talsma said...

Cool story, I know that I have been quite busy building new ukes lately too.

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