Saturday, June 04, 2011

Vedder Talks to the Star Advertiser

Eddie Vedder reveals himself to be a humble and insightful man in this interview with the Star Advertiser. There are tons of articles around on the release of his Ukulele Songs. This one is truly worth a read. Link

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Anonymous said...

I'm confused by the interview. What exactly is wrong with picking up the ukulele and trying to make something of it? Something totally one's own.

The ukulele's history is completely irrelevant to the making of music on it. Do people worry about the history of the guitar when they play it, or do they just play it? How about the flute, saxophone, ocarina? History the least bit important? Culture matter? Of course not.

Are caucasian men supposed to feel some sort of guilt about co-opting and desecrating Hawaiian culture as we play our oo-koo-lei-leis? Because PC as such notions are, I don't feel I'm doing any such thing by uking as I please, and I refuse to take on the burden of anyone else's silly guilt.

Evil white men, they're everywhere. Boo! Be sure to check under the little grass shack at the hukilau, Eddie.

Is "Ukulele Songs" just one album or is it the pinnacle of this uke wave? The beginning of a new one, perhaps? Hard to tell amid the hype. And how does releasing an album in 2011 make one ahead of the curve?

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