Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ukulele Dream Party

Here's an opportunity for Bay Area ukers to get involved with a participatory art project.

Frankenart Mart has planned a Ukulele Dream Party for July 21st, and is looking for folks to help out.

Sez Leslie Henslee,
"The ukulele lesson/party is part of a show we are hosting here at Frankenart Mart in San Francisco.  Our current theme at the mart is the Stock Market for which we started Dream Trade.  We chose 4 people's dreams to invest in and enact - one of these is a Ukulele Lesson/ Party that we plan to host on July 21 (time TBD).  Part of the dream is to have ukes on hand for people to play, a lesson, a play-in, as well as the possibility of a build your own uke workshop. We need all the help we can muster, so all are welcome to help make this dream come true.
Frankenart Mart is a small, participatory, always in progress, crudely-hewn conceptual art-in-practice store that hosts changing themes, hot dog days, and two cats in San Francisco.  Basically, we host a theme for 3 months that is open to everyone’s participation, exploration, and response. Art, writing, music, dance, performance, lectures, ongoing projects, food, you name it - we welcome it, as long as it responds to the theme. We encourage folks to make their works here on site as well as experimental, interactive, and ongoing projects. Our themed shows grow as more people participate, collaborate, create and exchange over the course of the theme."
Investments needed: ukuleles, ukulele builders, ukulele teachers, ukulele players.

Sound like an intriguing project to you? Contact them at frankenart (at) gmail (dot) com.

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