Saturday, August 25, 2012

RIP: Uker Neil Armstrong

Farewell, ukulele hero, Neil Armstrong.


Ron Hale said...

First time I've been able to access the site in months, Gary. Guess the ban is over.

Maybe you can give a bit publicity to the Wine Country Uke Fest. Friday will see the opening night concert in our downtown Opera House here in Napa.

Janet Klein amongst others. Then over the weekend in St. Helena.

Anyway, dropped in to the venue site this morning (Sat) and was met with the warning - "This site may be compromised."

Unless it's become a vendor for Viagra and the like, I'd agree.

Went to the Festival site and sent them an email asking if they were setting up a booth. To perk things up.

Hey, didn't the Founder say the purpose of the ukulele is to get laid? I do believe so.

Site's mostly been cleaned-up but the warning is still there. Only Cialis is mentioned though.

Have a robot problem, do you? Maybe it's just me but it's getting harder to prove you're not one. I can't always read that stuff.

Gary said...


I'm not quite clear on your comment. Are you saying that your browser is indicating that may be compromised?

We had a weird blogger-related custom url redirect issue for a while and the only way you could find us was via a blogspot address. To my knowledge, that has been resolved.

Let me know if it hasn't.

I'll try to post about the Wine Country event.


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Unknown said...
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