Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Letter to My Community After My Child Was Lit on Fire | Karl Fleischman

Agender uker Sascha Fleischman was badly burned. Strum a cheerful song in your heart for their recovery.



Ron Hale said...

You can count on ukers, Gary.

Hang in there, Sascha.

Anonymous said...

This first hit home because it was down the road, in Oakland. A city I really like. Then I saw the newspaper photo of Sasha, with the Martin uke. And it REALLY hit home. The upside is the pouring out of love that's followed this horrible incident. Best wishes and prayers for Sasha and Sasha's family and friends. Be back to strummin' soon!

Ukulele Rob, MidTown Sacramento, USA, Planet Earth

Unknown said...
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