Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pohaku Ukulele: The Movie Epic

Here are the next best 27 minutes of your life. Watch as Peter Hurney goes from rough-sawn blocks to a finished soprano, masterfully strummed by the inimitable Steven Strauss (inimitable, I know, because I've tried).

Peter's production volume is extremely limited. In part, because he's such a methodical and persnickety builder. In part, too, I suspect, because he's invested so much time in engineering and building a bewildering array of custom ukulele building tools and jigs. You can't tell it from this video, but Peter's shop is a modest garden shed, with the space utilized as cleverly as his tools. Kind of the Studley Tool Chest of workshops.

Peter is truly a maker's maker. Someday I'll be lucky enough to have him build one for me. Link

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easyukulelesongs.com said...

Ohhh I missed it. The video is no longer available.

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