Sunday, July 06, 2014

Unlikely Scenario

Something's fishy. Invitation extended, check. Personal hygiene attended to, check. Bow tie tied (no clip-on!), check. Uke tuned, check. Pillows swiped from mom's sofa, check. Gentlemanly greeting at the familial front door, check. All the right bait used. Confounding. Link

(Via Uke Hunt, cont.)


Anonymous said...

Well, she looks like a real blond which probably makes her scandinavian and resides in Minnesota or Wisconsin because of the proximity of good fishing. The boy is probably visiting G'ma from Chicago and met the girl at the Ben Franklin Store. He has no ideas of what makes these girls tick. He should have brought minnows instead of a night crawler.
Ukester Brown

Gary said...

Isn't there a spoon pun in there somewhere, UB?

Ron Hale said...

Tuning by ear, Gary.

Let this be an object lesson for those too cool for tuners.

Earlier uke eras must have been hell on hearing.

Voice like Alfalfa's wouldn't have
helped any.

Cool sweater, though.

Gary said...

It is a swell sweater!

Unknown said...


HumbleUker said...

What a find Gary.

Unknown said...
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