Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A little hard to parse out this article from The Daily Express, but here 'tis. The UOOGB, aka the Original One, tried to keep the knock-off TUKUO from performing in the UK, claiming that the latter's name might confuse consumers and thus infringes on their trademark.

They failed to get the injunction, but it seems that the trademark issue is yet to be settled. A court date is forthcoming.

Maybe the knock-offs should change their name to the First United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra. Think about it.


(Thanks, Random!)


Anonymous said...

Better yet, they should change their name to The Original United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra or The Original Famous United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra.

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."

Alan said...

Joking apart, it would be sensible for them both to rename themselves to something distinctive. (In some ways, as well as being confusing, both of them seem a bit presumptuous in using our national designations). They could always indicate their original names on their publicity, at least for a while, so that people knew who they each were.

Ron Hale said...

Thought this fight was over ages ago, Gary.

Confusion over the similar name was alleged by UOGB years ago and, yes, suit should have been filed then.

TUKUO tours Germany as do the Ukes, and evidently George, Kitty, & Co. didn't see any need to bring court action to protect Germans from any possible mix-ups.

But, Brits need help? (Silly question.)

TUKUO are no longer a new group. They're an established group in Germany and through the modern internet thing they're known pretty much everywhere.

So, confusion amongst ukers is inexplicable and inexcusable now.

Still, mix-ups within the UK are inevitable, and if they haven't yet, TUKUO should preemptively strike hard and fast to limit the collateral damage.

They should also be aware that whilst they are accepted by German fans, press, and critics, once they cross the Channel and engage the waiting foe, all bets are off.

Some in the English ukulele aristocracy are still stuck hard and fast in ancient blood feuds, and no doubt will use their bully pulpits to harass the invaders.

By the by, one of the TUKUO members
tells me the good old USofA is within their sights.

This in response to my invitation to visit the Wine Country. Now, of course, also known as Earthquake Country.

Still shaken and stirred, myself.

Gary said...

Gee. Didn't realize this was so controversial. As a brand strategy guy, I think TUKUO's name seems intentionally chosen to trade off the reputation of the UOOGB. Like if I changed my name to Jake Shimakaburo. Whether the UOOGB has any leg to stand on in court, it seems bad form to me. The world, however, is certainly big enough for two ukulele ensembles. Maybe Ron can get both to come to the Wine Country, smoke a peace pipe (or would that be Humboldt County?) and perform on a double billing. Battle of the British Uke Orchestras.

Anonymous said...

Double billing!!!
Great idea. I've never met the other guys :-)

Someone make it happen please!

Andy Wild


Gary said...

It might be fun at that, Andy.

What would be the combined orchestra encore?

Love Will Keep Us Together?

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