Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Ukuleles at the South Pole!

Check out this video tour of the scientific station at the South Pole. At 2:19 there is a tour of the music room, which features at least three ukuleles.

We see a blue Dolphin Makala, a mystery tenor and a Vita-Uke model of unknown make. Maybe an Ohana? But it would be super cool if an original Vita-Uke was being strummed at the bottom of the world.


Howlin' Hobbit said...

My friend Pam Mandel is, amongst other things, a travel writer. A few years back she took a jaunt to Antarctica hauling one of her ukes along (a Flea, IIRC) just so she could knock one continent off her bucket list for playing ukulele. You can check out her writings at The Castaways. Seattle's Loudest Ukulele Band.

Gary said...

Thanks, HH!

For some reason the link doesn't work.

Here it is:

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