Thursday, September 14, 2017

Emergency Ukes at Burning Man

Over on Ukulelia's mother site, Boing Boing, our friend and Playa Plucker Rusty Blazenhoff posted a piece about Justin Lange's art installation from this year's Burning Man: a red emergency callbox containing "emergency" ukes.

Maybe our neighborhood Little Library needs to start lending ukuleles, too.

Al Wood will be chuffed to learn that his Uke Hunt logo served as inspiration for the graphic on the back of call box. (I actually don't know whether Al would be not, but I'm always pleased to have the opportunity to say "chuffed.")

Photo credit: Rusty Blazenhoff

(Thanks, Your Fluffiness!)

1 comment:

john miller said...

Damn, I missed my chance to play a uke on the palaya. My Burning Man days have past and gone as I'm too old to deal with the efforts needed anymore and I learned to play uke too late. I'm very happy to see ukes there however and I get a warm heart seeing this. Carry on ukes and Burning Man. The best that this messed up civilization has to offer.

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