Monday, August 23, 2021

Meet Covie

Ok. I've been sitting on this one for a while. It got shuffled to the bottom of a pile of to-dos, and then I thought (hoped?) that it wouldn't be relevant anymore. Sadly...

So, meet Covie. Created by my friend and uker, Jon Soto, and several of his advertising pals to help remind people to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and wash their hands. 

Covie has a theme song, featured in the video. Heck, he has a whole YouTube channel where you can follow his travels. 

If you'd like to sing along, write your own verses, post your own videos, I know you'd make Covie happy (and Jon would appreciate it). Here's the music:

Visit Covie's site for more info and goodies, including stickers you can download. Be like Covie and spread them around. Follow Covie on Instagram, too.

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